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Crash Game Guide | BC Originals

27 Dec 2023
Leon Travers 27 Dec 2023
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  • Getting started with Crash at BC.Game Casino
  • A guide to the BC.Game Crash Trenball - a new variant with different betting options
  • Tips and Crash strategies to help you maximize your bankroll
  • We’ve answered your frequently asked questions about Crash multiplier games
  • BC.Game Crash Games - Classic and Trenball
  • Classic Crash at BC.Game
  • How to Play Classic Crash
  • Crash Trenball
  • How to Play Crash Trenball
  • Crash Games Strategy
  • BC.Game Crash Games - FAQs
BC.Game offers two variants of Crash in its BC Originals collection. This game guide takes you through both, so you can learn how to play this fast-paced, highly rewarding multiplier game.

BC.Game Crash Games - Classic and Trenball

As part of the provably fair BC Originals collection, BC.Game Casino offers two Crash games. Both are easy to play, highly engaging, and potentially very rewarding.

The two games share the same Crash curve on each round, but there are key differences in the bets you place and the win multipliers. Being provably fair, players can check the results of the game rounds that they wager on, which adds to the integrity of the games at this casino, in my opinion.

Classic Crash at BC.Game

BC.Game’s Classic Crash game has an RTP of 99.00%, giving players loads of fun and excellent value at the same time. The Crash object is nothing more than a large dot that takes off into the sky. The multiplier starts at 1.00x, and along the bottom of the game screen are time measurements, although these have no bearing on the game.

Below the main screen that displays the Crash game are the betting options. To the left is the bet amount section, where you can select your stake. There are also buttons for /2 and x2, which many players use for various Crash betting strategies.

On the right side, is Auto Cash Out. Here, you can preset the multiplier that you want to cash out at. The green button is to place your initial bet, and when the game is in progress, it becomes the cash-out button. As a note, the green cash-out button can override preset cash-outs. 

Alternatively, BC.Game Crash has an advanced mode of play that presents several betting systems, including Martingale, for players to use. This is essentially an auto-play feature because your stake for each bet is calculated based on previous results.

Classic Crash at BC.Game

How to Play Classic Crash

There is no demo mode, so you can only play Crash at BC.Game Casino if you have an account. New players can sign up with our BC.Game Casino promo code to claim four matched deposit bonuses wirth over 1,000% in total.

  1. Log in to your account, then choose Casino and select BC Originals > Crash from the side menu.
  2. Enter your bet amount (real money only) and preset a cash-out value. The latter is optional.
  3. With that done, hit the green Bet button. Your Crash wager is now placed and ready for the next live round.
  4. As the dot sets off, the multiplier increases. The objective is to bank your winnings before the crash. If you don’t cash out in time, your stake is lost.

Crash Trenball

Trenball is a new addition to BC.Game’s Crash collection. Unlike regular Crash games that have a cash out function, Trenball is different. There are three static betting options:

  • Red - This bet wins if the crash happens before the multiplier reaches 2.00x. Therefore, the win range is 1.00x - 1.99x. The payout for the Red bet is 1.96x.
  • Green - The Green bet pays 2x and it wins if the crash occurs at 2.00x or above.
  • Moon - The third betting option is Moon. This bet wins if the crash occurs at 10.00x or above. 

The chances of winning the Red bet are 50.50% compared with 49.50% for the Green bet. This is why the payouts differ. Furthermore, the chances of landing the Moon bet are 9.9%. Based on these probabilities and payouts, the RTP for all bet options is 99.00%.

Crash Trenball at BC.Game Casino

How to Play Crash Trenball

  1. The first step mirrors the one described above.
  2. Once the Crash game has loaded, tap on the toggle in the top-right corner to switch from Classic to Trenball.
  3. Enter your bet amount and click/tap the bet option (Red, Green, or Moon) that you want.
  4. When the next round begins, your wager will be active. If it wins, the payout is instantly credited to your balance.

Crash Games Strategy

Crash has a built-in house edge of 1.00%, meaning the casino holds a slender advantage. That said, there are still some tips and Crash strategies we can share that will enhance your experience and give you the best chance of winning.

  • Early Cash Outs: The win probability percentages from Crash Trenball highlight that 50.50% of crashes happen before the multiplier reaches 2.00x. Therefore, the smart Crash strategy is to make early cash outs, usually ranging between 1.50 and 2.00x.

  • Try Different Betting Systems: Crash is a superb game for players to use betting systems, such as Martingale, Fibonacci, and Paroli. However, it’s also possible to create hybrid betting strategies because of the different multipliers. For example, players should cash out at 2.00x with the classic Martingale system. Every time a bet loses, the bet amount is doubled. This means when you hit a win, you recoup all your losses and are in profit to the value of your initial bet. A hybrid system can be where you keep the stake the same but increase the cash-out point.

  • Use Live Statistics: BC.Game Crash has live statistics that players can use to spot trends and patterns. Some players wait for a pattern to form, say 6 consecutive crashes under 2.00x, before betting. This is one of the best Crash strategies, but it requires a lot of patience because you aren’t betting all the time.

BC.Game Crash Games - FAQs

Can you play Crash for free at BC.Game?

No, BC Originals Crash doesn’t have a demo mode, so you cannot play it for free. However, the minimum bet amount is less than 1 cent, so you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy this game.
What is the Crash maximum payout?

What is the Crash maximum payout?

BC.Game Crash has a maximum payout of $1,000,000, according to the game information.

Is Classic Crash better than Crash Trenball?

I enjoy both variants, but it depends on your personal Crash strategy. If you want to aim for massive multipliers, the Classic variant is the best option. Alternatively, when using simple even-money betting strategies, Trenball is arguably better.