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    BC Originals - Provably Fair Games at BC.Game Casino

    We are firm believers that provably fair gaming is the future of online casinos. BC.Game, with its extensive collection of BC Originals, is leading the way in this niche. Learn more about these games and choose your favorite right here.

    • BC.Game offers more than 20 provably fair games to its players
    • With all provably fair titles, players can verify the results of their own games
    • Enjoy BC Originals such as Crash, Mines, Dice, and Twist
    • How to play BC Originals on your desktop or mobile
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    Complete List of BC Originals 2024

    Although the BC.Game Casino now boasts more than 3,000 games, its in-house developed collection of provably fair BC Originals are still among the most played titles.

    We’ve compiled a list of all the Originals you can enjoy at BC.Game. Whether you have a passion for easy-to-play multiplier games like Crash or you prefer the strategy of blackjack, BC Originals has you covered.

    BC Originals Game
    Return to player (RTP)
    Crash Trenball99.0%
    Classic Dice99.0%
    Hash Dice99.0%
    Ultimate Dice99.0%



    Crash games have exploded in popularity in recent years. BC Originals Crash is a straightforward multiplier game. A dot starts its ascent with a multiplier of 1.0x. The objective is to cash out your bet before the crash. If you achieve this, the payout is your bet amount x the multiplier value.

    Crash Trenball


    BC Originals has taken the Crash craze one step further with Trenball. This variant uses the same game as above; however, the betting options are Red Bear, Green Bull, and Yellow Moon.

    • Red Bear bets win if the crash happens at or below 2.00x. The payout for this wager is 1.96x
    • Green Bull bets are on the crash (bang) happening at or above 2.00x. This wager pays 2.00x
    • Yellow Moon is a bet on the crash occurring at 10.00x or above. This bet pays 10.00x.

    This is a good game for players who like to try different even-money betting strategies. Also, you can view a selection of trends to help you decide where to bet.



    Limbo at BC.Game is essentially an instant Crash game. When the game loads, you type in the multiplier payout you want, ranging from 1.01x to 1,000,000x. Then, after adding your stake, click Bet. The result is instantly revealed, and payouts are made to the winning players.

    Classic Dice


    BC Originals has a few great dice games. Arguably, the best is Classic Dice. This is played with a virtual 100-sided dice; however, the maximum payout is 9,900x your bet because you can wager on part numbers, such as roll over 99.90 or roll under 0.50. With an RTP of 99%, players are guaranteed good value with Classic Dice.

    Hash Dice


    Although this game falls into the dice category, it doesn’t use a die. What you have is a sort of one-row slot machine with a random number generator (RNG). Any number between 00000 and 99999 can appear. 

    As a player, you must choose a 5-digit number and bet whether you think the RNG number will be higher (>) or lower (<). On the lowest risk bet, the payout is 1.0102x, while the maximum you can win is 99,000x.



    Plinko is one of the top-rated BC Original games. Its origins come from the Japanese arcade game Pachinko. With BC.Game Plinko, the board is triangular-shaped with rows of pins. A ball drops from the top and changes direction as it bounces off the pins. At the bottom are slots with multiplier values, which relate to the payouts.

    Plinko has three risk levels - low, medium, and high. Furthermore, you can choose to play with 8 to 16 rows. The highest payout is 1,000x when set on high-risk and 16 rows.

    Ultimate Dice

    This is the third BC Originals dice game. It different from the others in that players bet on a number range instead of a specific number. The interface displays a slider, ranging from 0 - 9,999. Players move both ends of the slider to set their bet. 

    For example, you set the left side to 4,000 and the right side to 6,000. After that, you can choose to bet ‘in’ or ‘out’. This means you win if the rolled number is between 4,000 and 6,000. The 'out bet' wins if the number is 0 - 3,999 or 6,001 - 9,999.


    If you like quick and easy instant-win number games, BC Originals Keno is for you. This variant has four levels of risk - low, classic, medium, and high. The chosen risk level determines the payouts of the game. Furthermore, the game card has 40 numbers, and you can select between 1 and 10 balls to play. The max win is 1,000x, which is modest for keno, in our opinion.


    Twist is the latest game to be added to the BC Originals collection. The game is unique, which is a credit to BC.Game’s developers. It involves three wheels, which are identified by green, red, and purple gemstones. 

    After setting your wager, click bet. In the center of the wheel a stone appears. If the stone is green, red, or purple, you advance a segment on the wheel. If it’s a black stone, you lose, but the segments already won remain in place. The rocks symbol moves all segments back one place. Read our full Twist game review to learn more about this exciting new provably fair title.

    Provably Fair BC Originals

    The concept behind provably fair BC Originals is to deliver completely random games of chance that also eliminate all possibilities of corruption by giving players the ability to verify the results.

    For each Original, BC.Game has generated millions of hashes, and each single hash relates to a specific outcome. Players can view all the hashes, which are in a verifiable chain. Before a game starts, one hash is chosen, and this is the outcome. It is possible to check the outcome matches the original hash, thus proving the outcome is random and fair.

    BC Original Games - FAQs

    Are all BC Originals provably fair?

    Yes, all BC Originals have been developed using provably fair technology. Each game provides instructions for players who want to check the seed to verify the outcome of the game.

    Are BC Originals mobile-friendly?

    Absolutely, yes. You can play all BC Originals via BC.Game’s mobile web platform or through the progressive BC.Game web app. Both deliver a sublime gaming experience on the go.

    Can I play BC Originals for free?

    A few titles are available in demo mode, but not all. However, the minimum deposit for some currencies is around $0.50 USD, so you can fund your account with the minimum and enjoy all Originals.