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Claim Over $13,000 With BC.Game’s Master Medals

28 Feb 2023
Leon Travers 28 Feb 2023
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  • Master Medals is an ongoing rewards package at BC.Game
  • Players claim prizes after winning 5, 10, 15, and 20 medals
  • The total amount of free cash you get is over $13,000
  • Start your medal hunt with our BC.Game promo code
  • Collect Medals and Claim More Than $13K
  • How to Obtain BC.Game Medals
  • Start Collecting With Our BC.Game Promo Code
BC.Game has a plethora of promotions, including Master Medals, which gives players a chance to claim over $13,000 in cash-prize rewards.

Collect Medals and Claim More Than $13K

If you’re looking for an online casino and sportsbook that rewards players for their activity and loyalty, BC.Game is worth checking out.

This guide introduces Master Medals. In a nutshell, this is a secondary loyalty program that runs alongside the acclaimed VIP scheme. However, whereas the VIP scheme is purely based on wagering to level up, Master Medals are awarded for other types of activity on the site.

In total, there are 20 medals to collect, with rewards waiting as follows:

  • 5 medals: Get $20
  • 10 medals: Get $800
  • 15 medals: Get $2,500
  • 20 medals: Get $10,000

*cash totals can vary depending on the currency (fiat or crypto) that you are using with your BC.Game account.

BC.Game Master Medals

How to Obtain BC.Game Medals

As you’d expect, some medals are easier to obtain than others. Here’s a run-through of each one and what it takes to add it to your collection. 

  • Talkative: Win the Talkative medal by chatting in any room for a total of 200 days. This is a collective total, so it doesn’t need to be consecutive days.
  • Fearless One: This medal is awarded to players who’ve lost more than most, but still continue to enjoy BC.Game. No specific information is given as to how much you need to lose to be eligible for this (unwanted) honor.
  • The Loaded King: You can win the Loaded King Medal if you hold the highest wallet balance in the history of BC.Game, excluding balances held in the Vault.
  • Highest Contributor: Get this medal by placing the highest-ever wager in BC.Game’s history. You need to contact customer support or ask in the forum what the largest bet is at the moment.
  • The Top Gun: Unlock SVIP level 33, which is the 124th VIP level, in total, to get the Top Gun medal.
  • The Rain Master: Rain is one of the most popular BC.Game promotions. Players get this medal when they receive rain for the 99th time.
  • COCO Lover: Catch COCO the spider in the chat 200 times to receive this prestigious medal.
  • Invincible Lucky Dog: Land a win multiplier of 99x or above to claim the Invincible Lucky Dog medal.
  • Contest Master: To win the Contest Master medal, you need to be in the Top 3 ranks of the daily contests for three consecutive days.
  • Roll King: Hit the maximum number of points, which is 999, on the Roll Competition to be crowned the Roll King.
  • The Rain Stormer: Collect the BC.Game Rain Stormer medal when you’ve collected $100 in Rain rewards
  • Chicken Dinner: Reach a profit of $10,000, and you’ll get the mighty Chicken Dinner medal.
  • Loyal Player: This medal is yours once you’ve wagered 10,000,000 in bets on sports or casino games
  • Call Me ‘Richman’: Bet a total of $1,000,000 and the Richman medal will be added to your collection.
  • The Old-Timer: Happy 1st anniversary! You win the Old-Timer medal after playing at BC.Game for one year.
  • The Boss: To receive this medal, you must send a tip to 99 different BC.Game players.
  • ETH TOP 1: Rank 1st by profit in your ETH wallet to secure this much-wanted medal.
  • BTC TOP 1: Get this medal by ranking 1st for profit in your BC.Game Bitcoin wallet.
  • EOS TOP 1: Hit the rank of 1st by profit in your EOS wallet and you land the EOS TOP 1 medal.
  • DOGE TOP 1: Get 1st by profit in your DOGE wallet to win this prized medal.

Start Collecting With Our BC.Game Promo Code

As you can see, it’s easier to obtain certain medals than others. Moreover, you clearly need to be a high-roller to the Richman and TOP 1 medals. That said, even active players on a tighter budget can pick up around ten medals over time.

If you want to start collecting, our BC.Game promo code is all you need. Players can redeem the promo code NEWBONUS when registering a new player account. This unlocks a series of special matched deposit bonuses that can help to boost your bankroll with extra cash.

On top of that, all players - new and old - receive one free spin every 24 hours on the prize wheel, which offers prizes that are worth up to 5 BTC.