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Play Funky Time - Evolution’s New BC.Game Exclusive

17 May 2023
Leon Travers 17 May 2023
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  • Funky Time is a live money wheel game that uses the same concept as the award-winning Crazy Time
  • The maximum payout is 10,000x your bet, with winnings capped at $500,000 per round
  • Funky Time has a respectable RTP of 95.99%
  • Play Funky Time Live at BC.Game Casino with our promo code
  • What is Funky Time?
  • Funky Time Bonus Features
  • Enjoy Funky Time with our BC.Game Casino Promo Code
  • Funky Time Live at BC.Game - FAQs
Funky Time is the long-awaited sequel to Crazy Time. Learn about the game and see how to claim a massive welcome BC.Game Casino welcome bonus that will get you dancing all night.

What is Funky Time?

Cut from the same cloth as Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, and Crazy Time, Funky Time is Evolution’s brand new live money wheel game, which is exclusively available at BC.Game Casino.

The money wheel has 64 segments, which contain:

  • 28 segments with the number 1. These payout 1:1 on your bet.
  • 24 segments with letters on them, which payout 25:1 each.
  • 12 segments for the four bonus rounds: Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco.

It’s an easy-to-learn and play game, making it suited to hardened Evolution enthusiasts as well as new players. Quite simply, players bet on the segments they want to cover and get the payout or activate the feature if they guess correctly. 

Funky Time Bonus Features

Aside from the individual theme, Funky Time tries to set itself apart from other money-wheel games with unique bonus features. However, it also has a treat or two in the base game, which adds more excitement to the overall gameplay. 

Mystery Multipliers

When the betting has closed, and the host starts to spin the wheel, a selection of random multipliers between 2x and 50x are added to some segments. 

This can boost the payouts incredibly, particularly if you get 50x land on a bonus feature or any of the letters that pay 25:1. Of course, for the multipliers to activate, the wheel needs to stop on that particular segment.

The BAR Bonus Feature

This bonus round features a computer-generated 3D robot acting as a bartender. It is stood behind three cocktail glasses, and players must choose one of them. Either blue, yellow, or purple.

The robot begins to pour the drinks as random multipliers (2x - 20x) are assigned to each glass. The multiplier that you get for your chosen glass is your prize. Additionally, a single-reel slot is running behind the bartender, which delivers another multiplier, and this is awarded to one of the glasses.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus Game

The name of this bonus round is taken from the famous track from Saturday Night Fever. In this game, there are three multiplier ladders - green, purple, and orange.

You must choose one of the ladders. Each ladder has twenty steps, with increasing multipliers that start from 5x and go up to 1,000x (the 20th level). The next component of this game is a bingo-style draw that has 90 colored balls. 

  • Black Balls are the stop balls. If one of these is drawn, players lose one of their four lives. The bonus feature ends when the fourth black ball is drawn, or the player reaches the top of the ladder.
  • 1 Step Balls - there are green, purple, and orange 1 step balls. If one of these is drawn and it’s the same color as your chosen ladder, you move up one step.
  • 2 Step Balls - These are the same as the 1 Step, but players advance two rungs up the ladder if a 2 step ball, which corresponds to their color, is drawn.

With the possibility of activating Stayin’ Alive with one of the Mystery Multipliers, the max win is capped at 10,000x. The round continues until four black balls are drawn, in which case, the payout is the last multiplier you claimed on your ladder. Alternatively, you may make it to the top and scoop the top prize.

Disco and VIP Disco Bonus Features

These features are virtually identical. Mr Funky is on a dance floor - the Disco feature floor has 37 spaces, while the VIP Disco floor has 63, giving it far greater win potential. 

Mr Funky starts jiving his way around the floor that is covered with two types of multipliers - Regular and Floor. The round ends when Mr Funky falls from the floor. As the VIP floor is larger, it typically takes longer for him to fall, so the payouts tend to be better.

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BC.Game is one of the first casinos to offer Funky Time Live - no doubt others will follow soon, but for now, this is the number 1 site to use.

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Funky Time Live at BC.Game - FAQs

Where can I play Evolution’s Funky Time Live?

One of the best online casinos where you can play Funky Time Live is BC.Game. Moreover, new customers are eligible for an exciting welcome bonus that adds more value to your Funky Time experience.

What is the RTP of Funky Time?

The overall RTP of Funky Time is 95.99%. This is quite strong, particular for live casino money wheel games.

Is Funky Time better than Crazy Time?

Of course, this is subjective. Personally, I prefer playing Crazy Time because I enjoy the bonus rounds more. However, other players may like Funky Time more. Ultimately, the only way to truly find out is to play both and see which one you like the best.