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Double $100,000 BC.Game Lottery Winners

28 Mar 2023
Leon Travers 28 Mar 2023
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  • Two players hit the BC.Game Lottery jackpot on consecutive days
  • Lottery jackpot is $100,000; however, it would have been shared if won on the same day
  • Tickets cost only $0.10
  • Payout equates to 1,000,000x multiplier
  • Pick your lucky numbers with our exclusive BC.Game promo code
  • Coco Lottery Pays Out Big - Not Once, but Twice
  • Provably Fair Lotto At BC.Game
  • BC.Game Lottery Payouts
  • Enjoy the Lotto with our BC.Game Casino Promo Code
No player had won the BC.Game Lottery this year. Then, this week, we witnessed two jackpot winners in two days.

Coco Lottery Pays Out Big - Not Once, but Twice

BC.Game is well-known for its world-class online casino and cutting-edge sportsbook, but its lottery game is also great fun for eager fans of lucky numbers. 

Highlighting the lottery’s growing popularity, BC.Game posted a tweet congratulating a player called Rouza for winning the $100,000 jackpot. Rouza’s winning numbers were 24, 4, 32, 10, 12, and the jackpot ball was 3.

As this was the first jackpot win since December 2022, there was some excitement on BC.Game’s social media in relation to this. However, to my disbelief (and probably that of most others) BC.Game tweeted again with news of another winner. 

This time the lucky player who landed $100,000 was AMKO. To complete the timeline, Rouza won the jackpot on Monday (13/03), and AMKO got theirs on Tuesday (14/03).

Provably Fair Lotto At BC.Game

The BC.Game Lottery, known as the Coco Lottery, uses a provably fair algorithm to draw the day’s winning numbers. As this is provably fair, it means players can check and verify that the game was legit and that the result was not manipulated. 

The draw takes place at 3PM UTC every day, and the cost of a ticket is $0.10. You cannot buy tickets in the last five minutes before the next scheduled draw.

With the Coco Lottery, players must pick six numbers. The first five numbers are from 1 to 36, and the sixth is from numbers 1 to 10 - this is the jackpot ball. 

Players may choose the numbers themselves or use the auto-generate button for a random selection picked by BC.Game’s software.

BC.Game Lottery

BC.Game Lottery Payouts

In each game, there are six numbers drawn - five from the main pot (1 - 36) and one from the jackpot pot (1 - 10). The payouts are non-fixed odds for the jackpot, meaning that it may be shared if there is more than one winner. However, the remaining payouts are all fixed odds as stated in the paytable, which is as follows:

  • Match 5 numbers and the jackpot ball: $100,000
  • Match 5 numbers but not the bonus ball: $3,000
  • Match 4 numbers from the main pot: $20
  • Match 3 numbers from the main pot: $1
  • Match 0 numbers from both pots: free bonus ticket for the next draw.

Enjoy the Lotto with our BC.Game Casino Promo Code

There are not many games in the casino where a $0.10 bet can win you $100,000, which is what makes the BC.Game Lottery unique and special.

If you’d like to get some tickets for the next draw, sign up for an account using our promo code. That ensures you’re eligible for a multi-deposit welcome bonus package of:

  • 1st deposit: 270% up to $20,000
  • 2nd deposit: 300% up to $40,000
  • 3rd deposit: 330% up to $60,000
  • 4th deposit: 360% up to $100,000

As well as that, all BC.Game customers get a no-deposit free spin every day on the lucky wheel with jackpot prizes ranging from 1 BTC to 5 BTC.