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Caves of Plunder Slots Guide and Strategy Tips

20 Apr 2023
Phil Lowe 20 Apr 2023
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  • About Cave of Plunder
  • What Strategies are there to play Cave of Plunder?
  • Game Set up

About  Cave of Plunder

Cave of Plunder is a unique slot game that can only be played at bc.gameCave of Plunder is different from other slot games because it has only one reel and one line, but three columns of multipliers that lead up to different jackpots. The game is based on a cave theme, where the player can explore the hidden treasures and win big prizes.

What Strategies are there to play  Cave of Plunder?

The strategy that you will choose to use will depend on how you enjoy playing. Some possible strategies for this game are:

Bet low and play for a long time.
This way you can accumulate more symbols and increase your chances of hitting a jackpot.

Bet high and play for a short time.
This way you can take advantage of the high volatility and hope for a lucky spin that clears a row or fills a tower.

Choose your preferred jackpot.
Each jackpot has a different payout and frequency, so you can focus on one that suits your risk appetite.

Game Set up

The game has five possible symbols on the reel: diamond, gold bar, silver coin, copper coin and blank. Each symbol has a different value and effect on the game. The diamond is the most valuable symbol, worth 5 times the bet amount. The gold bar is worth 2 times the bet amount, while the silver coin and copper coin are worth 1 time and 0.5 times respectively. The blank symbol has no value and does not affect the game.

The game also has three columns of multipliers on top of the reel: small, medium and grand. Each column has 10 levels of multipliers that increase from bottom to top. The small column has multipliers ranging from 1x to 7.5x, the medium column has multipliers ranging from 1x to 21x, and the grand column has multipliers ranging from 1x to 500x.

The player can choose how much to bet per spin using a slider at the bottom of the screen. The minimum bet is 0.00001 BTC (or equivalent in other cryptocurrencies) and the maximum bet is 0.01 BTC (or equivalent). The player can also choose to use auto-spin or manual spin modes.

The goal of the game is to collect special symbols (diamond, gold bar or silver coin) that match with one of the columns of multipliers. Each time a special symbol appears on the reel, it adds one level of multiplier to a cash pot that accumulates during each spin session. For example, if a diamond appears on the reel, it adds one level of multiplier from the grand column to the cash pot.

You can choose to end a spin session at any time by clicking on “take” button at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will award you with your cash pot amount multiplied by the bet amount. For example, if your cash pot amount is 10x and your bet amount is 0.001 BTC, you will win 0.01 BTC.

If a blank symbol or a copper coin appears on the reel during a spin session, it resets all levels of multipliers in all columns back to zero and clears out your cash pot amount as well as ending your spin session. This means you lose your potential winnings for that session.